Don’t Underestimate Yourself

It is very easy to for folks to overestimate what they can do in a single day, and underestimate what they can do their entire lives. It’s easy to flaunt all that prowess. To show all those skills and abilities just to catch some fun when noone is watching. But it’s a different ball game when reaching out for the gold. I never cease to ask myself, “Why is this is so?” Why do we have the destinies of beautiful women – with all the right curves in the right places and sharp brains to go – truncated by the pangs of low self esteem? A good number of men out there afraid of commitments because the future they see is bleak? Guy, if the picture you see is bleak, what steps are you taking to change what you see?

It isn’t history that makes heroes, it is heroes that make history.

– Taylor Swift

Why do we have genuises; prospective celebrities in their various field, jettering away in fear? Why is it so hard for you to take a bold step now?


Most of the times, the reasons behind our clueless questions are hidden inside us. In our values and ideologies: humility is not humility when it attempts to cage us. The key to a happy life is when you throw unnecessary care out the window and express yourself to the fullest. It’ll hurt when you start to peel that glue of containment off your skin, but you won’t heal until you’re real. Throw away all the burdens of anxiety that way you down.And there might be an urgent need for a review.
It’s about time you walked right out of that shell, because the solution we need also exists on the inside. You might have stayed quiet for too long. Or worked your arse out for others so much that you think you don’t know how to do anything else. Maybe you have been controlled or manipulated by certain people, or maybe you just feel intimidated because you were rejected. A choice is only a choice, and it is usually attached with sentiments. If someone makes a choice and it’s not you, it doesn’t mean that the chosen option is better.

2017-05-15-08-00-38-165What you have within you is great. Your job is to find out what it is and take the initiative. It’s what really matters. Stop seeking approval from others. Stop giving in to negative patterns. Each time you feel like you’re not enough, tell yourself this, “I am worthy,” because you really are. The more expressive you become, the better you will get. But the seed of greatness has always been in there.


Go for the gold. Life is too short.



It is Inkspire Monday


Roll it!

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