I5% of your conscious mind contribute to your success.
85% of the subconscious also contribute to your success.

There you have it –

15% consciousness + 85% subconscious

…makes the person in the mirror. What does this mean?

  1. Will and efforts aren’t strong enough to get you what you want. Ask those who tried positive thinking and failed at it.
  2. Fear has much more power over you than you know. It is deeply rooted in the subconscious. If you are afraid to live, you are already 3-parts dead.
  3. The stories you tell yourself go deeper than you know: they are self-fulfilling prophecies that will haunt you.
  4. The subconscious is fed by your conscious mind, to be fed again by the sub-conscious. It’s called servo-mechanism.
  5. Reflection will enrich your life with insight and foresight. “You can only connect the dots looking backwards!” said Steve Jobs.
  6. Meditation paves your way to prosperity.
  7. Your ability to grow is tied to the understanding of the content of your life. Pay attention to the minutest detail of your ideologies and idiosyncrasies. Aint no success coming your way if you aint complete.





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