You should get started, right?

The plan sounds good! It has a wow effect (y’know, it’s the real deal). And everything is just fine…but wait a minute. Somebody is drowning!
So, here comes the moment of truth. Is everything really fine? It turns out that all you’ve done so far, is to jump into the waters with a huge stone tied to your legs.
So much for the million dollar idea!

Someone might just be wondering if it’d make any difference in the end. There’s nothing new under the sun afterall, you might want to ask yourself again if it really does have a wow effect. Is there something you can put on the table that is new? Considering all the brilliant inventions of other people? You might be thinking, “the likes of Thomas Eddison, Bill Gates…and William Shakespeare and Earnest Hemmingway have made such huge stamps on the stones of time that there is not much space is left for good folks these days.” I mean, with all the books there is in the world, what difference would it make when you put your own out for all the world to see?

photo-1460804198264-011ca89eaa43.jpgNo, it’s not fear you emoting.

It is a phase you will have go through. It is the test you need to pass to attain some amount of maturity as you journey along your creativity path. If you want to fulfill your dreams and achieve purpose, you will need to deal with those little foxes that spoil the vine.
Here are some helpful tips:


Renew Your Mind

Your life is not a competition, and your work too. You can only complement other people by adding value in the way that you can. All you should be concerned with is birthing the dream. Expressing your vision and making it clear for people to inteprete. You have no idea how many people are waiting to run with it.


Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Always remember you’re not the redeemer of mankind or the saviour of the world. Don’t go around looking for all the great things you can do, rather, make a habit of doing small things in great ways.


Stop Judging Yourself

You don’t have to be as old as a tortoise, or to have all the experience in this world to make the difference, in fact, you might not be effective with all those age and experiences. There are no formula anywhere; other people’s experience can only serve as a guide. It might not work in another clime or time.
And some folks are blessed with wisdom that overrides experience.


Improve your skill

Seek coaches. Get mentors who have gone far ahead of you so you can ride on their wings and you will not have to make the same mistakes they made earlier in life. Review other people’s works, not because you want to compare them to what you can do, but because you want to add value.


Keep Doing Your Thing. It’ll Be Worth It In The End

I had no idea how much sense my twitter handle was making until I found myself relaxing after a long succession of tweets mostly because I felt that the tweets weren’t ‘popular,’ and a good number of folks began to tell me in person, what those tweets mean to them.  I was particularly touched when a lady whose works I have always admired with great respect though it is completely different from what I do said to me, “You bring me daily inspiration each morning I get online and and see your tweets. I always look forward to them.”

Oh it felt so good!


Consistency is the way you honour yourself. You will learn that you can be trustworthy. And you will learn in a practical sense, to be there for yourself.

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