On The One Secret to a Successful Blog (2 min read)

So it feels strange to me to want to post on a Tuesday now. How ironic! Since we started the series: Inkspire Monday, Wednesday Express, and Friday Moment, it seems like we’ve just left things at that pace. But that’s not all that we should be doing. Yes, it is good that we have them. Mehn! I looove that you love it. But the goal is not to abandon every thing else. I know, I know. There’s been an issue of me going all M.I.A. on you. We’re all work-in-progress right? We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us; that we’re broken…Okay, before I go all philosophical on you. Here’s what I want to talk about today:


I read a post on successful blogging : The One Secret to a Successful Blog (1 min read).  It says that the one thing that determines your success in blogging – I’m going to relate it to everything else you do – is consistency. The more you post on your blog, the more you increase your presence. Well, I don’t dispute the fact. But what happens when you post regularly and your content don’t make much sense? The result is just as poor as being inconsistent, even worse.


It’s the same thing in every other thing you do aside from writing or blogging. And folks who operate in the creative field will understand this better. As a Style Consultant, Designer, Musician, Movie Director, Author or Journalist, you’ll want to be more intentional with your expression than everyone else. But this is not limited to them alone. Consistency will help you build trust in yourself and to hone your skills, and then others will come to look to you. But the real thing that will bring the attachment you want is the quality of what you are consistent in. Your gift will make you stand before great men.


As much as you are mindful of how consistent you are in projecting yourself and reaching for your dreams, you should be concerned also with the things you project. It is shocking to find that you might be promoting mediocrity when in fact, you think you’re doing really great.


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