How To Boost Your Level of Intelligence

It’s easy to get wowed when you see folks with photographic memories or watch videos of kids who seem to do impossible things. Intelligence is earned. People aren’t born smart or dumb, they just get comfortable with where they are. As with any skill, high level of intelligence is not as a result of nature. You just gotta nurture it.

I mentioned the basic things you need to pursue any dream about 2 months ago, when I posted on the 7 Ideas that will give you a shooting edge in Street photography:

— Desire. Skill. Knowledge —

People who lack desire to refine their inherent talents and intelligence don’t go far in life, if they move at all. So learn to work with what you’ve got and do things brilliantly.

Be Open To Ideas

DSC01629.jpgYou have the whole world at your feet! Explore. Seek knowledge everytime. Be interested in finding out how things work. Read, read, and read. It’ll give you depth. Read far and read wide; it doesn’t have to be what’s in your field. Empower yourself with knowledge, but don’t compromise your values. Be bold. Take risks. Don’t assume that your ideas are always the best.

Hang around other smart people

HNCK2767.jpgRecognise and appreciate the sweet spots in people.  Let it challenge you to be a better version of you every single day. Iron sharpens iron, its the same way a man sharpens the countenance of his friends.

Love your mistakes

HNCK9780.jpgIt is important remember that you are not your own mistake. Whatever didn’t work out well for you should only teach you one thing: understanding.



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