How To Deal With Confusion

It is probably not news anymore, that the most confused people on earth are the multi-talented fellows. They’re here and there…and everywhere! Always trying to stop themselves from going around in endless circles. I guess I have also spent some time treading that horrendous path and well, it is no longer an issue for me. I remember how I often got teased by a certain friend some years ago. Each time I remember his words, I can’t help but smile.

“The problem you have is not in too many talents,” he used to say, ” It’s the devil bouncing balls in your head!”

sexy-sensual-woman-enjoying-fresh-air_free_stock_photos_picjumbo_DSC03225-1570x1047The thing is, this so-called multi-talent is usually just a single gift that’s finding expression in many ways. Think about it! It is not a function of the many things you are good at, but being the best version of your own self which only comes from understanding the real you. If you look real close, you will find that these talents you’ve been displaying  have a point where they all meet. It is like a man starved of sex. His eyes will keep straying; going to and fro like somebody’s business, looking for whom he may devour. Let him have the cookie and violà! Confusion disappears.

psycho-sorry-word-in-programming-code_free_stock_photos_picjumbo_HNCK2364-1570x1047.jpgSo then, what are the many things you’re good at? Public speaking, writing, music, make-up artistry, photography, painting, acting, client service, brainstorming, social media know-how…and all the other things that make you want to bang your head on a brick wall. My friend, let your focus be on your strongest impression. It will lead to something much more interesting, where all those other things will come in handy. Take one step at a time. Life is too short to keep going round in circles.


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