THE NEXT BIG “FIX” #InkspireMonday

img-20170209-wa0002Valentine’s day is only some hours away; you’re just hanging in there. Sometimes there seem to be a tiny ray of light at the end of the tunnel,but you’re stuck between an old attachment and a new one. On one hand, you want to stay loyal even though your efforts are clearly not appreciated and on the other hand, you want to follow through. You keep asking yourself, Could this be love? Or another attachment?

People are constantly looking for the next big “fix” that will allow them to feel momentarily better about their life or relationship. But the fixes never do, because underneath all those treats and expenses, they still don’t love who they are, at the core. Love is – no doubt – a beautiful thing. Its what connects us all. And we all connect with people on different levels, so here’s the conclusion of the matter: life is unbearable without love. We might have wondered how we ever got to the point where we are as we embark on the inexhaustible journey called LOVE. We might have burned our fingers as we become fully aware that all those books, fairytales, and movies usually only happen where we see them. But these things happen, don’t they?

How can you not love yourself?

Everybody seems to know what love is and a little something on how to get it going. But I’d rather talk about things I’ve seen many people do (I too did at some point) that isn’t love.

Love ain’t spending!

Loving yourself doesn’t mean buying nice things or treating yourself to massages, vacations, a nice car or an expensive restaurant meal for yourself or others. Should you spend on yourself? Absolutely! But these things should not mean more than they actually are. When people experience heartbreaks they tend to overspend, over-eat, or overdrink to bury their pain. Honest truth? You don’t spend on yourself to ‘show some love’. You spend because you actually do, and because you appreciate being you.

Stop seeking approval

You don’t dare disagree with a friend for fear they’ll be angry with you. You often wonder how you got yourself into commitments that turn out to be a giant headache. If you’re seeking approval from others in order to feel like a good, hard-working, loving person, you’ll forever run yourself ragged. That’s because no matter what compliments others bestow upon you, you’ll never feel like enough.

Love begins inside you.

Appreciate who you are even when you think others don’t, when it seems like you’re not noticed by anybody. If you’re successful in loving yourself for who you are, and you make it habit, you won’t have look around for the next big fix.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


It is #InkspireMonday


Let’s roll!


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