The Last Time Should Not Stop You

It’s about time you kept the ball rolling again and well, you’re wondering how to get it started…again, because it so happens that you have not recovered from the euphoria of the previous work:

Oh…those paintings were just awesome. It worked out so well!

Those designs…those fabrics…beautiful beyond description. The feedback was fantastic.

It seems like I’d never be able to articulate my experience the way I’d done the last time.

Oh, the last time…was simply terrific.

Ehh. It’s good to think that you are overwhelmed. You’re overwhelmed, alright, but with fear…in disguise. The grace for every gift you have is inexhaustible. You don’t lose your skills; you only stop to grow in them, but you know what they say about folks who stop growing…they start to die.

You don’t have to die, right?

Being the best you can be will only be a wish to folks who are not mindful or delibrate in their daily living. Life is too short to live anyhow. Some things are quite ironic but incredibly realistic and you can’t wrap your fingers around them however you try. How do you explain that the best you can be is somewhere inside you? Or that your worst enemy is the same person staring right back in the mirror? 

What you think you believe. What you believe…you are.”
Some things bring you auto-zeros, but are presented in attractive wraps. Folks often say your heart is your life (that’s incredibly true!). The heart guards the issues of life in sense that it empowers the mind to generate perception from all five senses. When it stays long enough, you start believing it.

Always let the last time challenge you; consider these tips I found helpful – 

Learn to perceive right.

Have a strong belief system that can sieve what you perceive before they settle in your subconscious. Don’t let that last time stop you again.

Trace the source of every feeling.

The thing is, you might never know exactly what you’re emoting at a glance.
Guard your heart diligently

You can’t control what folks say about you (social media taught us that already), but you can control what the things that were said mean to you.


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