Inkspire Monday #11

WELCOME BACK! It’s been over two weeks since I last had the chance to do this feature or any other. Well, you know how it is with folks with a nomadic state of mind like me. I get so lost wandering about in my quest sometimes, that I put off other things just so I can deliver well.

Oh yes, I came up with the idea that we should to have a little tweak in the titles from now. Yeah, yeah, it’s up and running already! The new titles will look something like….

"Inkspire Monday #11" "Inkspire Monday #12" "Inkspire Monday #13..." and the list goes on.

You know right! It’d be great to have it all numbered up for accountability.

So then, let’s have it….

Inkspiration for today

It doesn’t matter if you messed up yesterday although it might linger for a while. It doesn’t matter if yesterday, you lost respect or had a bad breath.

“That’s not you!” I keep reminding myself that every time I’m haunted by a sharp misrepresentation of me. Things might have been like that for a long time, yes. That shit ain’t me!

I’m here now. I can turn things around if I really want to. Ama freakin put end to that shit!

Hey, don’t you worry about having to take baby steps to start all over to get there. It’s okay…not a biggie.

As long as you’re trying your best every single day. As long as you’re taking actual steps to ensure that you’re better person than you were yesterday. You should be proud of yourself. You might not have a thing to show for all that work you’re putting into it right now but with time, your progress will announce itself.


Inkspire Monday

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