How to Boost Your Success with Positivity

Whatever you do, when you put on a mask of positivity you’ve already won 10% in marketing. But this does not work in monetary terms alone. So, I’d rather put it this way: you will have 10% favorable outcomes in whatever you do if you just maintain a positive attitude.

Okay, I think that sounds better…

Yes, being positive is like a magnet that attracts favour tremendously. But as you probably know, it doesn’t happen just because. Here are a few tips to help boost your success with positivity:

Have a good posture and let your body language speak

Cultivate the habit of speaking positively. You may even rehearse before your mirror – get comfy with gesture, tone, pitch, and even diction. You see because, these things have a way of turning up out there when you’re not even paying attention.


Listen actively

“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak”

           To boost your creativity…listen actively.

                When attending to others…listen actively.

                Show that you’re listening to people: maintain eye contact and take notes.

Seek first to understand what you’re expected to do, know what you can do and articulate it.

If you want to counter your customer’s opinion, avoid using ‘I think’ like a plague. You shouldn’t think because you know better as a professional. Use ‘I feel’ instead. It conveys a message that you value their opinion but you’re suggesting something else which – of course – should be better than what they had in mind.

Know what you represent and the things that represent you

Be confident about what you carry, no matter what. It’s okay if you don’t look like it. Don’t forget that you’re the only one privileged to see the real picture now. And by the time others get to see it the way you do, you would have moved.

Do your background check

Whether you’re working with or for others, try to always do your background check. Fortify yourself with the power of knowledge. Having good success isn’t really about your natural abilities or talents; it is more of what you really know. So don’t ever rest at where folks applaud you, keep on learning.

Attention to detail

The moment your detail-perception rises, your value increases. Boy, don’t just pay attention to details. Pay SERIOUS attention to details.





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