On Significance

Everyone likes success. We all like to talk about it, play around it and seduce it. We like to steal all the kisses, and well, spend the rest of our lives successful. Boy, it feels good. You just can’t shake that feel of significance it brings, can you?

…but then, there is poverty. The incorrigible blight on the face of the earth. Poverty is nobody’s friend, but it has more relatives than you can think of. Poverty is a commoner. It resides with people with absurd tolerance. When you relate with the familiar, you’re knocking on poverty’s creepy door. To be poor is to be incapacitated. To live a quality of life that is lower than expected.

Living in a poor state should propel you to drop the darn glasses and carry binoculars. And then you will see that there’s more. You can reach for more, and live beyond what you see on the surface.

If you ask around, “What does it take to get rid of poverty?” You’ll most likely hear, “Work hard.” “Work hard.” “Work hard!” in different phrases. But that would only mean that the most successful people on earth are construction workers…or miners.

The first step to successful living is to have understanding. You are what makes the success, not the other way round. And you can never be more successful than what you are exposed to. Get yourself out of the shell of doing what everybody is doing. Expose yourself. Seek knowledge. Have meaningful relationships. Sharpen your skill. Seek to perfect your works…. In all your getting, get understanding:

Your Gift Is Not Enough.

It is never about any gift you might have,neither is it about you. A skill is a tool, only to device cunning works. It really doesn’t matter how gifted or experienced you are but how much you’re able to use what you have to provide a solution. There is a world that needs what you have to offer. And you need much more than yourself to get what you want out of life. Especially now, that fear is becoming more of a principality. Folks are scattered everywhere, afraid of everything there is. Afraid to live. Afraid to die. Afraid to love…or to quit. Fear has become a stronghold. Its what drives some folks to chase success. They just want to be rid of the suffocation. They want to spread their wings like a bird and fly away, never having to face the devastating nightmare that only poverty can bring.

What a gift does is to give you a chance to express yourself.

So then, you have your chance. Express yourself. You are not significant because you’re successful. Rather, you’re successful only because you are significant. Your life has a destination and purpose to reach it. And that’s what gives you a meaning.

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