A fool at fourty, I have heard many people say,  is a fool forever. No, they say it is a fool at fourteen! I guess the point they’re trying to make is this: Life is meaningless if you can’t get a good hold of it. So, whether it is fourty or fourteen…or the ages in between. Timing is crucial to existence. It is a common denominator to every life, and it can tell to a large extent, the quality of your life.

“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”

So then, you might want to ask….

What Can I Do With My Life?

Four things.

Four lifestyle options.

These are not necessarily products of desires, by the way. You may desire one lifestyle – you see – but find yourself doing something different.

Here: Things You Can Do With Your Life –

  • Waste it
  • Spend it
  • Invest it
  • Live it


To waste it is to destroy or to wonder. Yes, wonder! When you spend the most of your time wondering or dreaming without corresponding plans or actions, you can be sure that you’re wasting your life. A life is a waste when it exists by chance. It has no blueprint to run with. For a wasted life, anything goes. Nothing is remembered of folks who waste their lives long after they are gone, rather than “he was born, bore children (probably), was ‘so-so years’ old…and died.”


You can spend your life when you’re constantly busy…doing nothing. A spent life is one that is full of activities, but without any significant achievement. What usually happen to folks who spend their lives is that they wake up a little too late and are prone to spending the rest of their lives in regret because of the many things they know could have been done. It is sad that a great number of people fall under this category. They move with the crowd and get lost in it. Whatever their crowd is – jobs, people’s opinion, money – they allow it to choke them. Never get lost in the crowd because in reality, the crowd is inconsequential. Be in the crowd; it is fine. But shine through. Don’t get lost in it.


When you invest your life, you spend more time building yourself up so you can become better – or more successful – for yourself alone. It is wise to invest in oneself, especially when it’s purpose is to add value to the others but folks who invest their lives only become better for selfish reasons. They are passionate about certain truths but they’re either selective in sharing or they don’t even share at all. They just like to get all they can…can all they get, and sit on the can.
The world’s richest people are not those who invest their lives and stop there.  Abundance of riches belong to philantropists.


There is more to living than meets the eye, and it is not the same as existing. Folks who waste or spend or invest their lives are only existing. For everything, there is a purpose. There is something (in you that cannot be manipulated) that makes you significant. It is your duty however, to search it out. Life is about providing solution; about reaching out and touching lives. Interestingly, you will find your passion in the place of your calling. Find your niche. Stay with it.


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