Fruitful connections are hindered by emotional baggages as I pointed out in my previous post, but when you take the time to identify the root of all the anger, insecurity, and those other things that makes one ‘unfit.’ Do whatever you can if you know what you’re dealing, but don’t blame your tool. Make up your mind that you will not be defined by what’s happened or what never did. Please don’t say, “that’s just the way I am. Take it or take the highway!” Certainly, there are people who have been traumatised or even abused, who have managed to scale through the odds. Your background should never put your back to the ground. If it does, rise the hell up and shake off the beast by getting exposed and creating some more value.HNCK0896A quick fix will spoil things in the long run. Just when you think you’ve earned something worthwhile, you will find that you lost before it even got started. So, here’s my conclusion of the matter: Concentrate on being your best self and you will have every thing you need to be happy. If still don’t have it,you will have many other things to be grateful for.




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