How To Become A Good Success Story

If you want to be successful in life, you will need to attend to certain things first. Success is not always about the fame, money, or any other thing you get to derive from a favourable outcome. It is first about the person in the middle of it all. You might want to ponder on these questions now:

“Am I rich…or wealthy?”

“Do I have the capacity to maintain what I have? ”

“Will I still find ‘me’ when I get all those millions…and lose them?”

To be rich is good. To be wealthy is even better. Wealth is the ability to generate riches irrespective of your location or background. Give me all the millions you can get in this world, and even in the world after. Chances are, that it will go down the drain with time if I don’t have what it takes to generate more. A person who is wealthy, on the other hand, might seem poor for a while; it is only a matter of time too, the story won’t be ‘same old, same old’ forever. That is why there’s always so much talk about renewing or developing your mind regularly.

It helps to remember that your skills, job(s), the people you know or those who know you, are usually not the problem. The bone of contention is the person staring right back at you in the mirror.
There is a defining moment. A moment when it seems like everything is finally falling into place and all your efforts are paying off afterall. Don’t get frustrated because you have little or nothing to show for the great ideas you’re booming with now; keep at it and wait for your defining moment. Focus on sharpening the rough edges while you wait.

So you want to have good success? Here are some things you can’t but deal with:

Define Your Purpose

Review Your Values

Building values can be tricky because as much as it is important to know the things that are most important to you and stick to them even after you start seeing the anticipated results, it is also important to build the right values. Have the right values and stick to it no matter what. Make a habit of reviewing your values periodically so you can have your life in check.

Respect Your Audience

Whatever you do, you have your own crowd. They might not all be in one piece yet but you can figure out the audience and carve your niche. Avoid crass stupidity all in the name of simplicity. If you’re a writer, you will need to show your story and not tell it to your readers. Keeping it simple is great but please, cut them some slack, don’t try to dilute your work in hope that they will understand better.

Get Rid Of Victim Mentality

The only thing you will have when you’ve got a victim mentality is defeat. It will appear to you like the whole world is against you and there’s noone to help you. You might even start suspecting the few people that come around to help you out. Call a spade what it is. You might be missing the point when you call it a farm implement when you need to be specific. When you fail to get results as a leader, it is not the people in your team or other leaders around you that are at fault, regardless of what you figure they might be saying behind your back. It is your inability to influence your people to get results. The earlier you quit whinning and change your strategy, the better for everyone.
Avoid Distractions

Find your voice in the midst of the crowd and you can be sure that others will notice it sooner or later. Not everybody is going your way so you must learn to choose your inner circle of friends. If it is as obvious as daylight, that you’re the brightest among in that inner circle,  you will have to dismantle the entire circle and move on to the next level. You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing either; things come and go in their time. If you have to change with the seasons everytime then what you’re saying to yourself is, “I refuse to be a human being! I just want to be a chameleon.” There’s nothing cool about being a chameleon when you’re human. Moving with the trend is fine, but changing your goal or purpose in the process is unacceptable.


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