Enhancing Your Inner Creativity

I grew up, like everyone else, believing that money is the root of all evil. Well, maybe not money in itself, but we can’t deny that it is such a strong influence. I have seen a number of estrangements that money caused. You know, I should make a simple offer and make all the evil go away…give me all your money, and you won’t have worry about evil. But of course, we know where the conversation is heading, right? No deal! The world won’t be evil free even if I get to disappear with everybody’s money.

I have found that the actual cancerous root is so subtle that it goes unoticed. It is the lust of your own flesh; an insatiable drive that sets folks against one another. It makes you cork your head literally, like a pigeon and put yourself above others. It drives you to be reactive to people or circumstances. It is that thing that makes you want to prove that you’re older, or that your work is better than someone else’s; you might just want to prove that you’re smarter or richer, or that you deserve more respect (trust me, it’s an unending list). And you’d be shocked to find that you are not satisfied after you’ve made your point.

Creativity is tainted by reaction, and a reaction births further reactions.

It really doesn’t mattter which point you are along your creativity path. It doesn’t matter if you have all the willpower to carry out everything you set your heart to do. If your heart is not in a peaceful disposition, you can’t see as much as you should.

All you really to need to do live.

When you’re at peace within you, and it extends round about you. Only then will you discover the vitality in your creativity.

Here’s a shocker:

It is not strength you need. It is faith…and courage.

“We were made to be courageous…we were made for so much more.”
Where there are gifts there are potentials; everything you need to succeed is within your reach. You just need to learn how to make it work out. Anything is possible if you just believe. You’ve got to have faith in yourself, and in what you set out to do. Look beyond all the thousand reasons things won’t work. You just might never arness the riches of your inner creativity when you’re cross with everyone else.
So here’s the thing; when you have the urge to prove a point, watch it. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. You don’t have to fight to prove that you’re a man, but sometimes you gotta fight when you’re man.


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