Fix It Or Drown

I dive easily into the sea of depression. Boy, for a long time it seemed like it was my favourite place in the world, and it isn’t funny at all. Like seriously, I rocked that chair like no man’s business. I remember getting depressed sometime last year after reading a storyline from a cinema journal. Wheeew! It was chronic…almost suicidal. I felt silly in the end. It was a movie character for crying out loud…a person that isn’t even real!

2017-06-12-14-31-20-013But I wouldn’t say that depression is a bad thing entirely. Well, knowledge often comes with pain. There’s no avoiding pain if you really want to grow. If you’re prone to getting depressed, it is most likely because you are deep and you have a good heart. We fight many battles, the biggest of them is the war in our minds. The fact that you’re depressed doesn’t mean that whatever triggered it is worth the effusion. Here’s what depression is really telling you:

There’s a problem somewhere. Fix it, or it will drown you!!!

When something triggers your depression, the problem is usually not the thing in particular. It only unlocked the box where you stuffed in all the feelings. Don’t ignore your emotions. Don’t suppress it either. It’ll come rushing back at you like a mighty wind and trust me, you don’t want to get on that merry-go-round. Whatever is driving you to the edge, whether it is unaccomplished goals or poor turnout of achievements, or something so silly you can’t explain…you can fix it, and not let it drown you. You know what they say, “Slow movement is a lot better than no movement at all.”

Kill The Assumptions

Assumptions are deadly. Stop assuming things. You can only be sure of what you know. Don’t assume for others. Don’t kill your spirit by putting your hopes in the wrong places. If you’re not clear where you stand, be assertive. You might not like the answer you’ll get but the knowledge is priceless, because the truth will set you free.

Be More Expressive

If you have something to say, say it and get it over with in a constructive manner. Life is too short to be feeling blue. If you end up losing face with people that are important to you, there are two things to bear in mind:

  • They were never really there. Whatever affection or respect you have for them is not mutual. So, the choice is yours to make: either you respect yourself by walking away or kill your spirit softly by hoping that someday they will see you the way you see them, losing yourself in the process.
  •  Your dignity will be intact no matter what you lose. That’s the thing that’s worth keeping.

If you decide to be more expressive, you will have a shift in your soul…for the better, of course. Okay…so, let try this little exercise:

The next time you notice that all the negative thoughts are piling themselves up again, write them all out in a paper and toss them in the garbage can. You’ll be surprised at how much it’ll help erase bad thoughts.



It is Inkspire Monday


Roll it!



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