Believe in yourself….

Motivational speakers find many ways to rub this simple truth in our subconscious, but it is easier for some people to do than others. People who have had traumatic experience, or have been abused as children, whether verbally, sexually, physically, or depriving them of the emotional nurturing the needed, find it extremely difficult to accept themselves. It’s not that they don’t try to, there’s just been so much damage somewhere on the inside, at a point where they themselves might not be able to reach. Breaking free is a lot challenging for them; they look out to others for love and acceptance from others – for some sort of validation – and hit the harsh realization that things don’t happen that way. It is a mirror effect! You gotta believe in yourself first; others will follow suit.

Read This New Year…(Advice from Hopyrane)
Love is the healing the world needs. Believing is easy when you love. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. Folks say happiness is like a butterfly, the more you try to chase it, the farther it flies away. Here are a few tips that will get you started on the journey to love and happiness.

Own Your Own Happiness


It is a personal issue, and a serious one at that…your happiness is YOUR OWN! Take charge, but remember that perfect is not real. Don’t use anyone else as your mirror. Eliminate the things that make you sad, life is to short to go about looking mean all the time.

Challenge Your Own Story

fearless-man-challenge-everything-pose-picjumbo-comRevisit your story; that’s where the power lies. There’s a chance that there’s a missing piece, and the story will be different from what you remember it to be. You don’t have to let your background put your back to the ground perpetually. Be open; seek to see things from other perspective – there – you just might find the missing piece.

Enjoy The Journey

young-woman-walking-on-the-road-and-holding-longboard-picjumbo-com.jpgProcess is key in everything. What do you really want to do? Write a book? Start a business? Settle down for marriage? Acquire new skills? Blah Hum Bug. The journey is what makes the destination count. Most people fix their eyes on the end result that they miss out on happiness. If you wanna go to school, you gotta let the school pass through you. When you’re ready for a new relationship, you’ll have to just focus on the friendship even though you’ll be tempted to compare and contrast.

Make Relationships Count

loving-couple-in-autumn-prague-follow-me-to-pose-picjumbo-com.jpgYou must first relate with yourself (intra-personal relationship) before you can be successful in your connections with other people. So, the question remains, have you found yourself? Meaningful connections come from a secure position from somewhere within you. it springs forth and buds when proper attention is given to it.


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