Deserted Hearts

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday Express poem series. Our poem for today is Deserted Hearts from Michael Bosah, an aspiring poet who is particularly inspired to help the helpless.


Deserted Hearts


With agony within I write this piece for caved hearts
With deserted life and of shattered dreams
And brought my sixth sense down to memory lane
Which made my heart capsize in its own pool of lust, regrets, shame, and of still born promises

Moonlight and daylight, our eye lids are open for us to make a living
Beneath our feet is the map of a nation
With no being to study its geography
When shall we rest in piece not even peace?
Those lines were written on our faces every dawn

The product from our lachrymal became sour
Even when our talents became the devil tormenting our dreams
With no Joseph to interprete
We grew amongst thorns and dwell within dust and dirts
Our clothes are rags used by penniless men and our shelters lacked shelter

Our brains have been chained, our minds are enslaved and our tears are of sour experience
At the mention of death our hearts are strong as rock
We feed from dying
In our abode, to feed is to die
And to live is a sin
What a life full of empty gains!

Gazing through the night gave us a blurry future
Standing with the morning showed us what living was
And my shadow whispered,
I hated existing





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