Problems are nothing but, and they can be a stepping stone. If there is ever a problem, then there’s a solution which might not come to you immediately. But trust me, there is.

Here are 5 things you can do to successfully solve a problem :

Admit You Have a Problem

It is always easy to spot problems everywhere as long as it is not your own. Having a challenge doesn’t make you the challenge. It is only a phase that can make you better or bitter. The word ‘problem’ is actually coined from two Greek words which is translated as ‘to throw forward’.

State the Problem(s) in Clear Terms

Most problems are usually a symptom of an hidden, unresolved issue. When you cut down a tree, its only a matter of time, it will grow again. If you really want to make an end of it, you will have to dismantle the root. Find the root of the problem and address it.

Open Yourself Up for Solution

Be careful of the solution to your problem, lest it becomes the root of your next problems. The goal is not to find a quick fix. Else, you’ll have new sets of problems waiting for you. Weigh your options. Seek to know the best answer(s).

Ask For Help

You don’t always need to have all the answers. Getting help does not make you less human. Seek counsel. Submit yourself to authority if you have a religious group. Learn from those who have experienced what you are going through. You may also seek professional help. All you need might just be to let it all out.

Take the Initiative

Don’t just sit there and wallow in misery; spring into action. Do what is necessary to change the situation.



What other things have you done to solve problems successfully?


    • I agree. Prayer changes things. I have also tried writing problems down on paper, then squeeze and throw it into the dustbin. It works like magic, giving enough calm to make better decisions. Thank you for your beautiful contribution.


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