Upping Your Skill

In my previous post on INKSPIRE-monday, I said that people have deep knowledge, skill(s) and experience(s) that have not been translated into monetary value. Really, it is not a bad thing. I also have got certain skills that aren’t exactly valuable yet, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Yes, it’s just me recognizing that certain resources are still missing, and doing things that will inch me forward is what matters. So then, make SMART goals and take deliberate steps to follow through.


While you’re ‘gathering momentum,’ don’t be tempted to leave out the one thing that got you on your toes in the first place: Your skill. It is the ability to apply knowledge the way only you can.

Find a Mentor

Whatever you’re looking to achieve, people have succeeded in doing it. You don’t need to follow everyone in that field though, look for people whose work or style appeal to you the most and learn from them. You will in fact realize that even your mentor has a mentor. Find at least, one active (that you can relate with in person) and two passive (that you follow from a distance; dead or alive) mentors.


Nobody knows it all. Develop yourself and your work by learning more. Real research is studying other people’s work, not to copy them, but to improve yourself.

Don’t Limit Yourself

Expand. Don’t ever think there’s a height that can’t ever attain; it might take some time and some hard work but if you see it, then you can see it. Don’t give in to limiting beliefs and negative thinking patterns. And don’t rest when others applaud you either.

Read Manuals

Manuals aren’t made just because. The major reason behind most faulty equipment is that people don’t read manuals.


Build your network. Connect with other professionals in and outside your field. And stay connected.

Check out the Minuses

Learn how to do things right. Unlearn and get rid of beliefs and methodologies that won’t work for long. If there’s a new way of doing things, be objective. Find out if it is more efficient and learn quickly.


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