The Difference is Clear #InkspireMonday


There are certain things you can only learn in the storm. That’s why its easy start doing the things you really want to do in your head. You see, if its all in your head, it is easy to accomplish. It doesn’t take as long as it would to write a book or to embark on a new business venture. You sort of have everything figured out in your head and well, you will have a sense of control in the matter. Whoosh! It feels good, right? Even its just for a moment, you get to feel like the Don – the mastermind – but your control is intangible. Folks who have managed to go a step further in pursuing their dreams have discovered that there’s a huge difference between romacing your fantasies and taking actual steps in the pursuit of your dreams. And the difference is clear.


So, what is it you really wanna do? Start a business? Write a book? Produce your own album? Learn a new skill? Whatever it is, don’t let the fear of losing keep uou from playing the game. It is time to come up a little higher and let purpose lead your beautiful heart. Don’t ask for security in your comfort zone. Ask for the adventure in the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t give up on yourself. Laugh at the tension and confusion that may arise along the way. You’ll look back someday and be grateful you did.



It is #InkspireMonday


Let’s Roll It!

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