Summertime: What’s on Your Mind?

FB_IMG_1478544393015.jpgStyle is a lot more than what you wear, it is about how you wear it. That holds true for writing also, and cooking, traveling and every other art there is. If you’re a savvy traveler, you can transform a seemingly ordinary trip to an unforgetable experience. And it most likely won’t cost you a arm and leg.

Summer is fast approaching. You must be thinking about choosing a good destination for the holiday. Perhaps you want to satisfy your wanderlust for adventure in the ritziest desert oasis in America. Perhaps, you’re thinking of going to popular beach towns along the Florida Panhhandle like Pensacola and Destin, and bury yourself in the scalding sand. Maybe you just want to chill out with loved ones and view the beautiful cities together.

But USA for now, is out of it – yeah, kinda – because of the policies that are springing up with the new government. I actually think it is crazy that folks might have to be forced to submit their social media usernames and passwords for evaluation simply because they want to have some fun with their loved ones in America is just crazy. I just keep asking myself, “If you have to study my social media accounts to access me, how accurate will these information you’re looking to get be?” But that’s a topic for another day, right?

From where I’m from, there’s no summer. We’re so graced by the opulence of the sun that almost everyday feels like summer already. But folks still like to enjoy the fun with the rest of the world. And that’s just cool.



So, how is it gonna be this summer?


There are plenty of options. Our world is full of beautiful places.

timthumb.jpgIf all you want is a getaway, you might just consider traveling within your country. There’s certainly someplace in the country that you have never been. It might even surprise to know that other nations pay a fortune to visit those places. And you will be amazed at the fascinating sights that await you. You might even get to appreciate the culture of your fellow countrymen that are quite different from yours. However, if your desire is to go abroad, you don’t have to fret. There are plenty of options. Here – a few suggestions that will pique your interest:



no1-kohsamui.jpgJoin the amazing Thailand Experience Program 2017. It is a great way for travelers to explore the best sights in Bangkok, experience the fun night life and watch the countryside roll by as you journey to the Elephant Capital in Surin. You can visit to apply now.



Festival1This is another cool place to be. There are great festivals to look out for. You don’t wanna miss the amorous Ruhr-in-love 2017, or the Southside Festival in Neuhausen Ob Eck, amongst others. The food is great and there are lots of beautiful places to see. What’s more? You could even step into a fairytale at Neuschwanstein Castle.


292138_378960255472880_1670747457_n.jpgThe weather is warming up in Ireland already and she’s been dreaming of festivals for quite some time. If you want to go to a festival every single weekend this summer, Ireland has got you covered with the best of music festivals taking over the coming months. You can be sure that there’s something for everyone with everything from electronic music to bluegrass, live art to music festivals, Ireland escapes to woodland getaways.


The essence of enjoying summer holiday is to spend some time to relax and unwind. So, whatever you have in mind this summer, don’t forget to have fun.



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Own Up #InkspireMonday

If you want your life to have a meaning, there you must respect the law of action amongst other things. You’ve got to actively do something to achieve your greatest desire. Don’t expect anything to work out for you when you disregard this law, even if you’ve got every other thing in place. You can’t afford to be passive when you’v got everything in place, and evrn when you don’t have it all under your grip.

Life is too short to leave things to chance. Take charge of your life today! Do what you really want to do. So, start from where you are, the goal is to start somewhere…to try to build an empire out of nothing.

That’s the surest path to happiness.


It is #InkspireMonday

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Yes, No, Maybe: Honing Your Intuitive Skill


Stop the motion.


One of the reasons many people get results that are contrary to what they really want is because they haven’t taken the time to connect to their inner self. Ask yourself, “Who am I on the inside? How do I use this knowledge of myself to improve my status?”


You can never be happier or more successful than you are inside. Let us try a little exercise to enhance the ability to understand things with the help of the subconscious mind.

So here we go….

  • Sit back, find a comfortable space and turn your awareness. The goal is to help you connect with your inner self.
  • Silently ask yourself, as if you’re asking your body or your subconscious mind, “What does a ‘yes’ feel like?”
  • Wait for a response. And then, you can proceed to ascerrain what no and maybe feel like too.
  • Pay attention to what response you get, and the feeling that comes with it.




It is pretty simple. And you’ll be surprised to find that the response might actually be different from what you’re correctly looking at. What ‘yes’ means to you might just be a sense of acceptance, or expansion. If you’re cool with, it’ll give you a sense of direction to becoming a better you. If the response is not okay, however, you can know its time do a thorough self-evaluation. You might need to change what you see in yourself.


When you figure out what a ‘yes,’ ‘no,’ and ‘maybe’ feel like to you, you’ll be confident that these intuitive feelings will guard you through your path on the journey to significance.



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The Difference is Clear #InkspireMonday


There are certain things you can only learn in the storm. That’s why its easy start doing the things you really want to do in your head. You see, if its all in your head, it is easy to accomplish. It doesn’t take as long as it would to write a book or to embark on a new business venture. You sort of have everything figured out in your head and well, you will have a sense of control in the matter. Whoosh! It feels good, right? Even its just for a moment, you get to feel like the Don – the mastermind – but your control is intangible. Folks who have managed to go a step further in pursuing their dreams have discovered that there’s a huge difference between romacing your fantasies and taking actual steps in the pursuit of your dreams. And the difference is clear.


So, what is it you really wanna do? Start a business? Write a book? Produce your own album? Learn a new skill? Whatever it is, don’t let the fear of losing keep uou from playing the game. It is time to come up a little higher and let purpose lead your beautiful heart. Don’t ask for security in your comfort zone. Ask for the adventure in the pursuit of your dreams. Don’t give up on yourself. Laugh at the tension and confusion that may arise along the way. You’ll look back someday and be grateful you did.



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How Your Skin Can Reveal Dehydration #TheFridayMoment



When it comes to dehydration, no one is exempted. It is bound to happen, particularly when you work or exercise outside, and when you travel or camp a lot. Research has shown that thirst is no longer a reliable symptom of dehydration because many folks feel thirst only after they are already dehydrated. So if you’re out looking for signs, there are a thousand and one effects that dehydrationcan have on your body system. These symptoms include excessive thirst, excessive sweating, fatigue or dizziness, dark-coloured urine, fever, diarrhea, confusion and many more.

But these clues are not so funny, and you don’t have to wait that long to deal with dehydration before it will lead to severe complications like heat injury, urinary and kidney problems, low blood volume shock and seizures. Your skin can give alerts that you need more fluid. Here’s how –

Oily skin
When your skin is overproducing oil, you need to watch it, most likely, the excess oil is generated to offset lack of moisture.

Tight skin after cleansing
Do you ever wonder why your skin is looking great after cleansing only to taut seconds later? Dehydration!

Grey tinged skin
When the top layer of your skin is holding on to dead cells which actually makes it harder for moisturiser to penetrate. You can avoid traditional scrubs to treat this, but exfoilators are fine.

Fine lines, dark circles, wrinkles
These may also be symptoms of dehydration, so when these u wanted visitors begin to show up on your face, it might be because you are losing more fluid than you’re taking in, and your body doesn’t have enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions.


Dealing with dehydration can be very simple: drink plenty of water! You can reverse mild to moderate dehydration by just that. But when the situation becomes severe, you need to visit your doctor. If you want to correct the toil dehydration has had on your skin however, you may apply some reliable (clinically tested) beauty products are prescribed by your beautician or dermatologist. You need to take in a lot of fruits to help regulate your system. And you may also applying home remedies if you know what to use. You can try rose water, lemon water, honey water, rice water, and mint detox water.


Whatever it is you do, always remember to take in as much water as you possibly can. It will save you the trouble.

Press Into The Shift #InkspireMonday

img1488126744193.jpgI have heard people talk about the state of being stagnant, and I always wonder where they got that. Let’s be frank, what will happen if this our planet earth should stop rotating for a week? I don’t want to have to experience that. There is no such thing as being stagnant! You’re either progressing or sinking into retrogression. Life goes on, everything around you does too. So the more you stand at a point, the deeper you sink.

Think about it, take formal education for instance: if you choose not to get past a high school qualification even if you were the brightest kid in your school. You will, at some point, have a number of people looking up to you. But give yourself another five years, you will find that the folks who used to see you as some sort of messiah have gone far ahead of you. You will have folks wonder what had happened to you. That’s when you will realize that you didn’t stand at a point. You have been relegated to the background because everything around has moved on while you stayed behind. You will realize that you’re not worth as much as you did five years ago, and you most likely don’t earn as much too.

There is always a shift in the atmosphere per time. You’ve got to recognize it and press into it. You must first understand that you have to shift the atmosphere in your mind before you can shift the one around you. Make the most out of life right here, where you are. You are well on your way to mastering the secret when you stop waiting for ideal surroundings; stop waiting until next year, next decade, until you get rich, until you can travel abroad…paradise is here or nowhere. Extract happiness, not from ideal conditions, but from the actual ones about you.
Wherever you go, you must take your joy with you or you will never find it. And always remember, a million things can bring you down. You just have to one reason to keep you up and running.


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Let’s Get The Ball Rolling! #TheFridayMoment

FB_IMG_1464290989508.jpgValentine’s day is over…what now?

The clock is ticking louder. Oh well, the year is not so new anymore. It’s about time someone asked the burning question: “What’s on your mind?” For me, it is ‘the big D’. I’ve heard folks say your future is ahead of you. Really? I can tell you first-hand, that thing called future is trapped within you. So, we might as well get things started on a good note. I can have a penny for my thoughts. Okay, it’s more honourable to give, right? Let’s roll it then! You might want to ask, “Rane…this ‘big D’ thingy, what are you talking about?

Well, Here’s what:


We’re already on life’s merry-go-round, it’s up to us to make the ride worth the while. Y’know, you’ve got to keep your sparks coming. Your blaze might just be a fuel away. You don’t want to wake up someday and realize that there’s not much time left to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. The good thing is that when you strife to become better than we are, everything around you becomes better too.


Begin Now
Whatever you can do, or dream you can. Now is a good time to begin. It’s a dreaming gallore; dream, and dream some more! But don’t settle with dreaming alone. Take actual steps that will propel you to make those dreams a reality. If you fail trying, you’re not a failure. You only just gained one more way to ‘not’ do what the things you’ve got in mind. You’ll see that it’ll be worth it in the end.


Be Bold
The greatest wrong you can do yourself is to live out you fear. Bold steps are threatening, but feeling the fear and doing your thing anyway is the key to having the big D. Boldness has genius, power and strength in it. And it has what it takes to stretch you from where you are to where you want to be.
Don’t Stop
Starting is a pretty good step. Don’t be tempted pull in the breaks. Those trying moments are the tests you have to go through to get the ‘big D.’ Success is far away from those who shy away from take risks.

Have No Exceptions

You’re not allowed to have any exception in this matter. Success and dominion is all encompassing. Seek to have ‘the big D’ in all facets and you will know what real success is. Processes might be slightly different from one another but the pathway to success and dominion remain the same.
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THE NEXT BIG “FIX” #InkspireMonday

img-20170209-wa0002Valentine’s day is only some hours away; you’re just hanging in there. Sometimes there seem to be a tiny ray of light at the end of the tunnel,but you’re stuck between an old attachment and a new one. On one hand, you want to stay loyal even though your efforts are clearly not appreciated and on the other hand, you want to follow through. You keep asking yourself, Could this be love? Or another attachment?

People are constantly looking for the next big “fix” that will allow them to feel momentarily better about their life or relationship. But the fixes never do, because underneath all those treats and expenses, they still don’t love who they are, at the core. Love is – no doubt – a beautiful thing. Its what connects us all. And we all connect with people on different levels, so here’s the conclusion of the matter: life is unbearable without love. We might have wondered how we ever got to the point where we are as we embark on the inexhaustible journey called LOVE. We might have burned our fingers as we become fully aware that all those books, fairytales, and movies usually only happen where we see them. But these things happen, don’t they?

How can you not love yourself?

Everybody seems to know what love is and a little something on how to get it going. But I’d rather talk about things I’ve seen many people do (I too did at some point) that isn’t love.

Love ain’t spending!

Loving yourself doesn’t mean buying nice things or treating yourself to massages, vacations, a nice car or an expensive restaurant meal for yourself or others. Should you spend on yourself? Absolutely! But these things should not mean more than they actually are. When people experience heartbreaks they tend to overspend, over-eat, or overdrink to bury their pain. Honest truth? You don’t spend on yourself to ‘show some love’. You spend because you actually do, and because you appreciate being you.

Stop seeking approval

You don’t dare disagree with a friend for fear they’ll be angry with you. You often wonder how you got yourself into commitments that turn out to be a giant headache. If you’re seeking approval from others in order to feel like a good, hard-working, loving person, you’ll forever run yourself ragged. That’s because no matter what compliments others bestow upon you, you’ll never feel like enough.

Love begins inside you.

Appreciate who you are even when you think others don’t, when it seems like you’re not noticed by anybody. If you’re successful in loving yourself for who you are, and you make it habit, you won’t have look around for the next big fix.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


It is #InkspireMonday


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PARTY-CRASHING: Turn The Awkward Moment Around. #TheFridayMoment

1495710904233516870So, you have to crash the party.

Not that I am a fan of showing up at places I’m not invited to, but you might have to take on the batton someday if you’re serious about pushing forward. I remember that awkward moment, when I was caught gate-crashing a programme. Ouch. It was such an embarassing moment. I was serving as a teacher in an high school at the time and I wanted to explore opportunities in the field, so I attempted to crash a programme organized by the National Union of Teachers, just so I’d be enlisted to mark some W.A.S.S.C.E. papers. That awkward moment! It felt like the ground should open up and swallow me up. I still got to mark some papers though, they were kind enough to look beyond my action. The thing is, it is not everytime you wait for an opportunity, it just might never come. Sometimes, you have to find a way to create those opportunities for yourself. You can learn how to ward off the awkward moment should you have to do the crashing.

Here’s the big truth; brands like to party, and you can take advantage of that. You get to ‘famz’ the famous people you’re looking to brush elbows with, or to simply experience what being in those meetings or get-togethers does to the folks who attend them. So whether you want to crash a big event, as did the couple who crashed the the state dinner at the White House some years back, or just a simple get-together, if it’s worth doing at all, you might as well do it like a pro.

First Things First

Here’ s the number one rule; don’t get caught. And the first thing you need to do if you want to go gate-crashing is to have a solid wardrobe. Besides party-crashing, having a great wardrobe is a plus to anyone, and its a great way of living prepared. Anything can come up at any time and you don’t want to start running around at the last minute. Success is guaranteed when opportunity meets with preparation. Enrich your wardrobe, not just because you plan to gate-crash, but because you want to seize opportunities and utilize them well.

Do Your Homework

Figure out where the party is and if you can find the loopholes. You need to know if there are any doors where you can easily slip into undetected. Get the sense of the vibe; find out if there are dress codes or themes. Check out the possible invites. Study the subject matters that these people might be interested in so you can connect with them when you get the chance. The goal is act like you’re among, and you don’t want to be caught looking like you have entered a strange zone. And don’t try to impress anyone, you don’t want folks to start asking questions.

Dress Appropriately

It all begins with good wardrobe selection; you’ve got to dress to suit the occasion. Lets not forget, you’re not invited. But you have to act like you actually are. Dress to suit the occasion. Follow the dress codes and theme; don’t show up in denim when the dress code is formal or Afro-casual. If white is the colour of the day, don’t show up wearing red or any other colour besides white.

Watch Your Timing

Don’t get to the venue on time. Wait until the party is really going before you crash it. If the event will begin at nine pm for instance, make sure you don’t show up before eleven pm.

Display Confidence

Enter the room with plenty of swag. Act like you were actually invited. If the party is at someone’s house, show up with a gift, or maybe a glass of wine and say, “Hi, I’m a friend of [insert a common name], thanks so much for having us.” The hostess will most likely invite you in rather than risking an awkward social faux pas.


So then….

You’ll have to admit that having the balls and the know-how to crash an event you’re not invited to is pretty awesome. But remember that if you ever get caught, no party is worth causing an embarassing scene…or a police arrest.


It is #TheFridayMoment


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What’s Your Style? #TheFridayMoment

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the first edition of #TheFridayMoment. I’ll begin by pointing out what it means to own up to style.



What’s Your Style?

As we already know, everything you can relate to is a brand, and you’re the first label. You can’t rule out the concept of style as brand, or as an individual. And you might want to ask how you can determine what style to adopt, and how you can establish your brand in such an unforgettable manner.

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When it comes to having a great and memorable brand, constitency is key. But it is hard to talk about constitency when your style is left undefined. Whatever style means to you; a process of creation or a prevailing mode of presentation, It is all about communincating. What are portraying with your brain child or as an individual? You might want to check if you can reach the equilibrium; that point where projection meets with intention. The impact of your style goes beyond making a good first impression. A great style projects legitimacy with confidence.

Define Your Individuality and Embrace It – 

I stand with Mahatma Ghandi on this one thing: when you lose your individuality, you have lost it all. Your choice of style should only emanate from your individuality. Owning up to your style is about bringing ‘you’ to life. This might seem rather abstract or philosophical, and what it means can vary from person to person, or product to product. Defining your individuality is about about making you – or your brain child – more meaningful to you, and to everyone else. There are two things are involved in this process; your purpose, and how you go about it. You might want to ask – what makes ‘me’ significant? What purpose(s) am I pursuing? What objectives should I consider a worthy cause? And what ethical principles should I embed in my quest? You can’t succesfully own up to style until you have answered these questions. Be true to style; let it represent your vision and creativity.

So whether you choose to go simple or sassy…or enigmatic, make sure you’re intentional about it. Create a style guide to establish your brand and enforce your style to improve communication. Make a list of your favourite style icons and do a bit of research. A style guide helps you to help your audience, ensuring consistency and comfort while letting you focus on other important things you need to take care of. And remember that whatever makes ‘you’ confident and beautiful never goes out of style.


It is #TheFridayMoment


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