It’s amazing how big a person can dream, it doesn’t cost much anyway. But of course, it can be really frustrating when you have all the dreams in the world and there are roadblocks everywhere. It just might get you thinking…does it even matter? Will all these sacrifices be worth it in the end? Hey, you can be sure that it is too early to give it all up.

As a photographer, I thought I wasn’t fit to launch into the deep just yet. How could I though? I don’t have my own camera yet, and the promises I held on to aren’t forthcoming. As much as I had hopes and aspirations, the future looked even bleaker. But there’s always a silver lining somewhere in the sky. Until I was challenged by my boss, I didn’t think much of my work. I wanted to wait for the perfect moment, but there ain’t no perfect moment anywhere, you can only make take what you have and make it really good. So now, I have resolved not to wait for the perfect moment. The one thing I have right now…ama bring it on!


That thing that you think you’re preserving might be the only thing you need to propel you further. You don’t have to wait until you’re perfect before you bring it on. When you look inside you and all you see is flaws, the one thing you might need is to open yourself up. Tear it out right where it hurts and let fresh air graze your wounds. Who knows? It could be your only chance to heal.


If all you’ve got is a smile, then you’d better start smiling everywhere. Let the world see your smile shine through. Oh yes, give us the privilege of putting a face to it. With all those people going up and down looking mean, you’ll never know where that your one thing will lead.


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