7 Ways to Motivate Yourself Daily

1. Re-evaluate your perceived values.

Here’s a question to ponder on: how do you perceive your outcomes? The value you place on things determine their worth and how likely you are to go after them.


2. Avoid making decisions that encourage instant gratification.

Place value on your rewards. Things that give you instant rewards are usually easy to come by, but they are actually trivial in the real sense of it. When you make a habit of making long-term decisions, you’re bound to make right choices for your life.

3. Create a reward system.

Incentives are excellent motivators. Most decisions you make are based on a perceived outcome with the least amount of risk. Identify each step on your journey to reaching your goals and associate a reward with each milestone. As you reach each mark, you’ll find your motivation increases as you get closer to your objective.

4. Set your priorities.

To-do lists only work if you’re regularly adding and completing tasks. If you’re constantly adding items to your agenda but you don’t make the time to complete them, your to-do list may become overwhelming, resulting in a loss of productivity.

5. Start your workday the night before.

Plan your day the night before. Prioritize your tasks ahead of your day instead of tackling things as they come. Mornings often pose the biggest threat to motivation. When you process your action items through a regular routine, it will keep you more focused on reaching your goals.


6. Change negative thinking patterns.

Negative thinking patterns are like blights upon the face of the earth. As much as you trynegative thoughts but they. Ideas are influenced by thoughts, and thoughts are changed by other thoughts.

7. Open up yourself.

Be more expressive. Your emotions are important. They tell you what’s really going on inside. Don’t suppress your emotions or act like they don’t exist. Own up to your feelings and take charge every unfavourable situation. Be intentional with your feelings. The next time you notice that all the negative thoughts are piling themselves up again, write them all out in a paper and toss them in the garbage can. You’ll be surprised at how much it’ll help erase bad thoughts.
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