How To Handle Failure Better

Folks don’t like to identify with whatever makes them vulnerable. You know how it is, it is easier to share your success stories than all those other ones. And those other stories are quite popular, aren’t they? Why do people like to conceal them? Those tales…of how terrified you were, how you went all out to try but you failed, and how stupid you eventually looked. But those are the stories that will give you a clearer sense of direction in the long run. With each experience, you get to learn how not to do certain things in certain ways.


One of the biggest challenges anyone can face is having to deal with failure. Boy! It is a tough nut to crack, especially when you have something to prove. Failure comes with a strong sense of defeat that can sink you ship if you allow it. I remember how bad I felt when I quit my job last year to start a business and it failed. It wasn’t funny one bit. I know that failure hits you hard where you least expect it, the first thing that’s likely to happen is that you’ll wallow in self-denial trying to keep up appearances. Then you graduate to self-pity, and then…well, you already know.


You don’t have to go through all those unpleasant process. They can drain life out of anyone. Instead, you can bear these things in mind. It’ll come in handy when you’re faced with a poor turnout.

You Are Not Alone

It has happened to someone somewhere, and it’ll still happen to many more folks even though you might not know about it. Some people’s cases are even worse than yours. So, why world you want to kill yourself when you can work things out to be better.

Congratulate Yourself

You dared to start. You have taken one step closer to achieving something great even though you started on a wrong foot and you probably your money and other resources. You did it, that’s the good news. And you can do it again and again if you have to. All those time that wasted while trying will be worth it in the end.

Find Your Strong Reasons

Until you can find the reason(s) things didn’t turnout as expected and put them into words, you will keep failing.  Brace yourself up, look into the heart of the matter. Build new values if you have to. Change old habits if necessary.

Take The Initiative

Whatever you have to do to correct past mistakes; read more, practice more, listen more, join associations, view the market with a bigger lens, interact more. Just take the initiative. Don’t give in to the urge to react. Sometimes you just put a finger why things didn’t turn out well. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Just learn what you need to learn and move. Life in itself has no meaning; it is an opportunity to give it a meaning.



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