I Win, You Win…or No Deal

I attended a youth submit today. It was an usual entrepreneurial seminar. Gosh! It was fantastic. It did a good job bursting my bubbles. I didn’t feel psyched up with all the self-help jargons we most certainly look out for. You know how we roll, right? We show up at such places for all the goodies we can get. The networking, Angel Investors amongst other things. Boy, talk about  item seven! Those benefits are super cool. Highly motivating, those things.

The entrepreneurial seminar was mind-blowing. Those things I learned aren’t completely new, still they occurred to me like I’d never heard anything like that. I’m not about to bombard you with all the notes. It’ll take a lot more than reading to fully comprehend certain things. I’m just going to share this much tonight –


Always Think Win/Win

I win, you win…or no deal. 

Most folks get swindled, or are disappointed by others because what they’re putting on the table is anything but a Win/Win. When people sense duplicity, they tend to prove that they can outsmart you.

iyc-youthThe significance of adding value can never be over-emphasised. People are defensive in nature, they look out for what’s in it for them without considering where you stand. But they can start to relax and even give the best of themselves when they realise that you’re not out to get them.

Whatever it is you want to put on the table, let there be a standing principle, “You win, I win!” If you can’t reach an agreement with that, you can weigh the options and try a 3rd alternative which is not exactly what you both want, but will satisfy you both. And well, if you still can’t reach an agreement then there’s no deal.


Have you tried a Win/Win principle before? How has it worked for you?

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