So, I have been up and about, trying to catch my own breath. If you haven’t seen me in a while, can you blame me? I have had my head buried in the gigantic sea of pure hustle. Well alright, I have been flabberwhelmed and overgasted! If you know, you know. It can’t be fully explained, that candid feeling of being submerged in a new venture.

Ngwa, the hustle is real but you can avoid burning the whole of your fingers in the process. Focus, then maintain balance. It has always been the key to mastery.

It is okay to give writing a wide berth sometimes, when trying to improve your skill level in other areas. I always tell people – myself included – don’t become another Jack doing all the trades and mastering nothing, if you are multi-gifted. Take it one at a time: Focus on learning each skill a time, then find a common ground as you gain mastery. Only one area of skill won’t do you much good anyway. Being highly skilled as a writer without learning communication skills is tainting the skill you should be projecting. A photographer who has no knowledge of graphic design, amongst other skills, is not helping himself/herself.

So then, here’s the conclusion of the matter:

Focus! Focus! Focus!

Find a common ground

Back it all up with consistency


Brace up fellas!

Come next week, I will be starting this year’s edition of the 3 amazing series from the second half of last year; Inkspire Monday, Wednesday Express and Friday Moment. It’s a bit late, yeah? I thought to add some extra spice. Keep your fingers crossed!

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