Move it, move it (1 min read)

Our miracles happen when we move our paradigm and we decide to focus on living on the right principles.

In my previous post, On The Move, Baby! I emphasized on the significance of having the right paradigm. It will inch you forward, towards the ultimate goal – transition – to move from the realm of possibilities. That’s when we realize that breaking free is not as impossible as they seem. Perhaps someday I’d shed some more light on paradigms, and principles. I’ll have to wrap this up for now because in my mind’s eye, I can hear folks ask this question over and over….

Where do we go from here?

In the word of Henry Ford, “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” When your perception changes, don’t stay put. Let your actions reflect the new outlook. Be proactive.Let the seed of change that os germinating in find expression. The journey of a thousand miles begin when you take a step.

So baby, you’ve got to move it!

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