Boost Your Wardrobe With These Amazing Styles

Two weeks ago, I talked about the 3 denim styles that has been trending on Pinterest for at least one year. You can look out for those amazing styles if you’re thinking of stuffing your wardrobe anytime soon. I’m back today, with other interesting suggestions to look out for this season.  As you know, Spring aesthetic can be really tricky, but guess what? These new suggestions will add some extra spice to your wardrobe. They have been trending on Pinterest and Polyvore for long.

Mustard Yellow

da3d2c6cadb178198f0beff27aaa44c6.jpgThis deep yellow hue was made popular again by Gucci when he hit the runway in 2015 for the Italian fashion house’s Cruise 2016 collection. But as fashion cycles come and go, this lovely colour has been trending 270 percent  on Pinterest.


naked_18049.jpgBodysuits have been trendiing up to 390 percent on Pinterest for a long time now.

Cold Shoulder Silhouettes

8d47692f58b4645c79a0440747cc9da1.jpgOff-Shoulder-Anything has Jumped to 650 percent on Pinterest! Polyvore records addition of up to 65 percent year into year.

Bell Sleeves

35030-41944_ZM_31.jpgAlthough this sleeve style is associated with the 70’s, it has been trending up to 189 percent on Polyvore.


9dbf5c924157da3efed2b778159cda0f.jpgThis amazing style has gone up to 250 percent on Pinterest from last year.


If you’ve been looking around for some inspiration to boost your wardrobe this season, there you have it. The styles are easy to blend with other things.



It is #TheFridayMoment


Let’s roll!

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