SHOW…don’t tell

I don’t like to argue.


What does it matter anyway? It’ll only bring momentary triumphs. I am quick to admit that I’m wrong when I am, and do whatever is necessary to make amends. The later part doesn’t always seem easy but I make efforts.


When you’re wrong, I’d most likely let you win. I like to just watch, knowing that you’ll get it someday. It really doesn’t matter how deep you bury the truth, it will spring up someday and laugh in your face.


I believe in show, don’t tell.


Let everything but your words do the talking. We are a very show, talk, brag, flash society. We are all about the ecru pieces of paper on the walls and the initials after our names on our business cards. Those things validate us, allow us to walk around feeling we’ve somehow achieved more than the average bear.


What if I went to Harvard, but I couldn’t tell anyone?


If I had to just soak up all the knowledge those ivies imparted and “show” people to the point that they said, “Oh wow, she must have gone to Harvard…or University of Ilorin” No one would ever know, I couldn’t rest on something I’d done in the past.  I’d have to live the education or the training.  I wouldn’t be able to do a half-assed job, but because I went to Harvard, people forgave me, or worse, altered the standard.


I think its great to work on being a shower. Not a shower like where you wash yourself, or a place you bring gifts and coo over an expectant mother, a show-er. Funny, ‘show-er’ doesn’t even exist in the English dictionary. Its all good, we can invent that in our subconscious vocabulary.


our little vocabulary!

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