Handling a major project, especially for the first time is always a big deal. If you’re an aspiring writer and you have at some point, helped yourself with thoughts from folks like Descartes – 

The reading of all good books is like a conversation with the finest of minds of past centuries.

…you might create an imaginary scale in your head to measure the quality of your mind where you can see that your mind isn’t “fine enough,” (that’s only in your head buddy).  It gets worse when you ask the wrong questions, “What difference would it make anyway? Approximately 162,000 books are published every year in the U.S. What have I got to say that has never been said?”

It is easy to go around with slouching hand-dog expressions and wasting precious time doing nothing when you know, deep down, that what you want to do is really what you want. Fundamentalists tell us that man’s chief purpose and reason for living is to “glorify God” and Humanists say that it is to “express himself fully.” As far as I’m concerned, they are pretty much saying the same thing. If I’d created something, I can’t think of anything that would glorify me more than to see it function in its full capacity.

If you’re embarking on a project and you want to succeed in it, you’ll need to be ready to dot your ‘i’ and dash your ‘t.’ – 

Get In Touch With Your Subconscious Mind

Psycho-cybernetics teach us that our negative ideas cause us to defeat ourselves. The idea “you can’t do it” causes contrary muscles to contract quite apart from your will. Ideas are changed, not by ‘will,’ but by other ideas. Examine and re-evaluate your beliefs.

Search your thoughts and actions, and erradicate the negative beliefs lurking somewhere on the inside and replace them with positive ones.

Find Your Strong Reason(s)
You might have it all mapped out in your mind’s eye. Still, you’ve got to make it official by asking yourself you need to embark on the project, write out your reasons clearly (…in a way that others will understand), and present it to yourself. See yourself as an entrepreneur. It doesn’t matter how small a business venture is, if you’re looking to grow, you can’t say no to writing a business plan.

Articulate Your Passion

Your passion will work better with a good sense of purpose and clearly laid out directions. Your passion is a drive; it will not only keep you going, it will also give your work the breathe of life.

Choose Your Style

Style is a personal thing. It can be created, adopted and/or developed. If your work has a voice, it’s got to have a style. Some folks tend to be dogmatic in their choice of style by using the same style for every piece they work on – not bad – but it is better to be flexible enough to see each work as different from the last one (there might be similarities but they should be different).

Manage Resources Wisely

A venture does not grow itself. It is to be nurtured. Plan your work well, and work your plan diligently. The little drops you see daily or weekly will turn out to be an ocean someday, and it’ll be worth it.


For every thing there is a reason; for every project there is a purpose, and a process for every project.

A writer’s ability to be frank with his readers and being honest with himself is key to success. A good way to start is by having respect for each purpose and its process.

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