Happy New Year!

Anyone can set a goal at any time, but this is the time when most people choose to put their lives in order for the next 365 days, at least. But there are certain ideas folks have about goal setting that makes the entire exercise cumbersome. Here are 7 things to consider if you want to get results from all those goals and resolutions you have put together.

Believe That Goal Setting is Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea.

Your thoughts and mental approach is the major thing that determines whether your goal(s) will be achieved or not. Most people work too hard on achieving their goals and burn out

without actually reaching the goals because they have it all wrong inside. But that’s where it all begins, the inside.

What beliefs do you hold on to, that is hindering your performance? What are your experiences telling you?

Negative thinking patterns and attitudes are the world’s greatest killers of destiny. You have to tell yourself that the things that have happened before will not have to dictate what’s possible for you.

Believe Only, And You Will Achieve

Faith is a substance from the abstract that you can keep pulling until you get the real thing. Faith is not the real thing. It is a means. If all you have to reach your goal is faith or strong believe with

no corresponding action, it won’t take you anywhere. Besides, you can’t have faith, or that much of a strong belief and truly not act on it. Wishful thinking is detrimental to your success at anything.

Your Goals Must be Big

The goal here is to find your own balance. The size of your goal will not determine it’s success. We are wired differently. Some people get all fired up when they set big goals because they love the challenge and all the stretch that comes with the process. Others lose their enthusiasm and wouldn’t lift a finger to reach the big goal because of its overwhelming effect. It is your duty to know exactly what works for you and find the balance.

You Must Write ’em Down

If you don’t see writing – or keeping journals – beyond tradition, there’s no point writing anything because you’d only be flexing your fingers in vain. I see thousands of church folks scribble things down in their notes every week as the preachers preach.

Ask them what they were taught the next day…most of them usually go blank. So I know firsthand, that writing your goals isn’t just enough. What’s important here is that you have specified your goal such that there’s no doubt whatsoever about what you want to do, which you will most likely achieve when you write them down. But if you haven’t disciplined yourself in the place of constant revision…it’ll just be a waste of time.

Set Realistic Goals

A realistic goal is an indicator of what your brain can process. However, it does not guarantee that you will accomplish it. Here’s the thing, your goal is realistic because that’s what you think you can handle.

Thinking could as well do the rest of the work, but you know it doesn’t work that way. Your brain doesn’t give a rats arse, what goals you can achieve. Ironically, it is you who will determine how much work you want to put into achieving whatever goals you set.

Do Anyhow…All Road Leads to Achievement

Action is important in attaining goals, but the right ones are required. When action is not guarded, you run the risk of being distracted.

Most times, it is not about doing what you think you should. Do what works. Find out how others have been able to reach the goals you want to achieve and work along that line.

No Objections. It is This or Nothing!

If at some point, you discover that what you are aiming for is not what you want. Do yourself the honour and change gear. It’s okay to want something else. The idea is to stay true to yourself and work out the things that will be in your best interest.

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