2018 Resolution Challenge #14: For The Stretch

Day 14.

Resolution Challenge.

This year..

I’m grateful for the Resolution Challenge exercise. I actually thought I would run out of words as the days go by. What! 14 days of appreciation is not beans. I stretched myself to go beyond the usual. I am glad I followed through with it. It has built up my hope for much better things to come.

This year..

I fought the good fight. I faced my fears. And of course, I ignored all of those other fights that weren’t necessary. So now, there’s not much here that I allowed to linger. I am here. Thankful and excited about the coming year. It’s the year!

This year..

is done and dusted. I expect favour from beginning to the very end of the coming year. Oh I am expectant!


I’m getting even more restless. Gee, I want to see the world. To gain international exposure and improve on my skills. I know I’m not there yet. And there’s got to be a way around these financial situations I battle with. 2019 is here though. I’m hopeful.

It has been an amazing year. 2019 will be full of surprises

Congratulations to those who participated in this challenge. You just got stretched! And yes, you have opened your mind to the good things the new year has got to offer. Aren’t you just glad?

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