2018 Resolution Challenge #13: For More

Day 13.

Resolution Challenge.

This year..

I’m grateful for every single moment. Yes, I had my share of ups and downs, which were overwhelming at some point. In the end, I can say that they all worked out for my good.

This year..

was more like a year of more for me. I had more. I discovered more. I even got more creative. Not particularly on my blog. Boy, I have been such an unserious element…but of course, the ministry is moving.

This year..

is finally over for me. I have been working already, on things I am set to do in the first quarter of 2019. So yes, I know it’s a wrap now. Oh I’m glad it is..


I still haven’t begun my travel-the-world mission as I thought I would this year. Christ! I still haven’t been to all of those exotic places I see when I close my eyes. Well alright, 2019 is here. So is the push.

What are you grateful for in the year 2018?

Most times we fix our eyes on the goals and resolutions that weren’t achieved, rather than the things that actually worked. That’s what this challenge is about. Share 3 things you’re grateful for in 2018 as against one thing you wish you had, for 14 days. Use the tag Resolution-Challenge to participate so we can all learn from you.

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