People often say no news is good news, but it is quite the opposite when it comes to customer service. Customer satisfaction is a reflection of their perception. It is derived when their expectation(s) are met. The golden idea is to understand the value of your service, not only the way you see it, but from your customers’ perspective. You’re put to test each time a customer contacts you.

There are four dimensions of service quality through which you will be assessed by your customers, consciously or not:

Reliability                                    Are you trustworthy?

       Responsiveness                         Are you fast and efficient?

                 Empathy                              Do you put yourself in their shoes?

                                Tangibles                             Can they relate to your service or product?


Not receiving complaints at all from customers is most likely because you have not earned their loyalty. Other reasons include: not knowing where to contact, feeling you are not worth their time or trouble, and having no confidence that their issue(s) will be resolved.

So then…

Don’t think all is rosy when you don’t have customers complain. In fact, believe that there’s fire on the mountain if they don’t. Don’t keep calm. Find out why, and fix it.





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