Many photographers don’t like printing their works on photo papers. And that’s majorly because of the tear factor, fingerprints and dust stain palaver. As long as it is paper, your image can be susceptible to certain damages with time. Novajet LMO is a great alternative that ensures that the media lasts even longer because it is tear resistant. It is available in 2 categories:

Photo Applications
Non-photo Applications

You might not decide to totally disregard photo papers, but here are some reasons you might want to choose LMO over photo papers.

Photo Application

  1. It is tear resistant
  2. It can be printed on both liquid and dry toner digital presses to obtain immaculate reproduction.
  3. It has a unique coating that ensures clean, crisp high definition prints with brilliant colours.
  4. LMO has high opacity; there’s no see-through even when you use higher ink or toner deposition.
  5. Unlike paper prints, LMO is resistant to fingerprints and water damages.
  6. You can print on both sides, making your album less bulky even with more pages.
  7. There is no specific grain direction on Novajet LMO. So, prints are less likely to lose texture and other structural deformities that occur when you use photo papers with wrong grain direction.

Non-Photo Application

  1. It can be used without Thermal lamination for print jobs that don’t require extra surface protection.
  2. With its writable surface, you can combine handwritten notes with pre-printed content.
  3. With LMO, you can perforate, crease, and even staple.




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