PREPPING FOR JULY: New Series Or More?

We’re prepping already, for the other half of 2018. And yes, there has been a lot of ‘talks’ on the issue on our series from last year: Inkspire Monday, Wednesday Express and Friday Moments.  It just seems like no one wants to hop down the fulsome merry-go-round. But of course, the star questions are always “Why the hell did you stop?” and “Why not start other series for 2018?” Oh well, even I miss the lovely series. I’ve had an awesome time sharing posts on them and getting sincere responses. However, they ended as they should – with 2017. Quite frankly, it’s been a lot staying online these days but I’m getting a hold of it.

Our series will start in July and end with 2018 (so you’ll know). And now is the time to ‘talk.’ Speak now or forever hold your peace! Would you prefer we continue with the old series? How about starting new ones? Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated. As usual, you may drop them in the comment box or send via email to

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