2017, How Dit It Go?

Now the year has fastened it’s seat belt, about to take off to the land of no return. Only to dwell in our hearts as memories. As you know, I tried my hands on some new series, and – as you probably don’t know – several…ventures that ended almost as soon as they started. Yes, I didn’t meet up to certain expectations. Oh well, I feel like I owe my people a huge apologetic statement already!
I remember what my good friend, Ibukunoluwa Adegoke said concerning an obnoxious lady we both considered a joker, “Starting is what she has. She lacks finishing.”
How we laughed over that!

And now I have come to see myself in the same light as far as 2017 is concerned.

Rane…Opeyemi Oluwaseun, starting is what you got in 2017. Finishing, baabu!

I didn't try. I know.

At least, I had nerves to start. That’s something. And there’s plenty of rooms for improvement. I know that my life isn’t always about me but even though I don’the look it, I have moved from where I used to be. I have increased on many sides. I have seen, read, heard, and done more. Babe, what isn’t something if not that?

Hey, don’t bother flipping the books on me: I know. I know. Better is the end of a thing than its beginning. 2018 is just around the corner, ready to kick off and I’m excited. I have some fantastic resolutions and I will be pushing myself even further. So let’s get the ball rolling for 2018, shall we?

Speaking of 2018, are you ending this year as well as you presumed? What are the things that didn’t go down well with you in 2017? Would you like to share things you’d want to change in the coming year? Drop your comments below or via email to hopyrane@gmail.com



…to the coming year!


Photo Credit : Abiodun Photizo Okunlade 


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