How Awesomefy Your Life

There are certain things in life that are inevitable, and problems are part of them. They’re a huge part of what makes us human. When you focus on a problem, what do you get in return? More problems, no less. We shouldn’t focus on the solution to the problem either. That’d be admitting that lack lurking somewhere around the corner. A hole engraved deep within. Just allow yourself to enter into the state of allowing.

The state of allowing doesn’t mean giving up way too soon. What it simply means is that you are tuning your mind consciously, to allow well-being flow into your life naturally. You really don’t have to just take everyday as it comes, but to show up for your own life everyday. Mastering the state of allowing requires daily practice. The good thing is, you can deliberately make efforts to practice more than once in a day.

Let go of what you think – or feel – you want and allow well-being to flow to you naturally. Concentrate on the things that make you happy. Life is too short to be bothered – unnecessarily – about too many things. Here are a few tips on how to let well-being flow to you:


All the activities you participate in are not exactly what fulfill you on a daily basis. Things we do on the outside don’t count as much as the things that go on inside. Taking just 10 minutes to meditate everyday makes a lot of difference in our well-being.

Express Gratitude 

Appreciate life. Always appreciate the things around you; all the plusses and the odds. Express your gratitude even for minute things.

Connect To Source Energy 

InShot_20171020_132035762.jpgIt’s easy for the things you want to flow to you when you stay connected. You can trust the uinverse will give you what you want, but only when your energy vibration matches your level of thought.

Observe Your Quiet Time

Spend at least 1 hour everyday observing your quiet time. Many people prefer to have their quiet time in the first hourset because it sets your natural state of bein. You can pray, read a few chapters of your Bible (or any holy book you might have), or an inspirational book. 

Visit Your Vision board

Have you had your vision/mission statement or goal list written down and pasted somewhere you can’t miss every morning?  I have mine clued to my mirror where I can look through while dressing up every single day. It is extremely important to remind yourself of what you fashion your life after so you won’t lose focus.


Friday Moments


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