The 40 / 60 Rule

Whatever you do, you need the 40/60 rule while you journey along your creativity path to success. I have read and heard people talk about the 40% rule and well, folks have been a little quiet about what to do with the remaining 60%. There’s got to be a balance, right?

40% Work 60% Attitude

The 40% rule is the rule of relentless spirit that builds up your mental capabilities. Jesse Itzler, talked about this rule in his book, Living With A Seal, where he described how he hired a Navy Seal to spend a month with him and his family and train them on mental toughness. When you think you have done everything there is, and you can’t go on anymore, you’re only 40% done. So just keep moving. It really doesn’t matter how many times you failed or how bad it was.

Chris Myers, in his contribution to Forbes on the 6th of October 2017, mentioned that the human spirit is capable of far more than we can imagine. When you feel like you simply can’t go on, remind yourself that you’re not even half way done.

…so what does it take to have 60% attitude when you’re only working with 40%? Don’t just do the work. Make it a pleasurable experience for others. Treat them with respect. Be responsible. Don’t ever show up late. Never give up. Exceed expectations. Do a little extra. As you journey along your path to significance, remember the 40 / 60 rule.

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