I wrote about certain fruits that work wonders in the body on Foods That Contain Healing Power 1 (2 min read). Its about time I wrote a little something about the veggies.

P1010450.jpgVegetables maintain alkaline reserve in the body: they build up the body, repair it, and they also prevent illness. Vegetables are of various categories. They aren’t just the edible green leaves, but fleshy roots, stems, fruits, and seeds. Roots are a great source of the vitamin B group and they are high in energy value. Seeds are rich in carbohydrate and protein. Leaves, stems and fruits are a excellent source of vitamin, mineral, water and roughage. I’ll mention 3 examples in this category of natural foods, with some of their uses in the treating and prevention of illnesses.



CONSTIPATION : The effect of lettuce juice is as powerful as the sedative action of opium without the excitement that comes with it. Lettuce helps cure chronic constipation because of it’s richness in cellulose. It increases the volume of intestinal content and encourages peristalsis.

DIABETES: Lettuce is low in carbohydrate – about 3 per cent – so it is usually prescribed for diabetes.

ANAEMIA : Lettuce is rich in iron and it supplies a vegetable haemoglobin, which makes it a great tonic for anaemia.

PREGNANCY / LACTATION : It is good forfor pregnant women to plenty of raw lettuce because the folic acid derived from it helps prevent megalobastic anaemia during pregnancy.

INSOMNIA : Lettuce juice contains a sleep inducing substance known as lectucarium.



HEART DISEASES / CANCER : Carrots contain falcarinol which is a compound that may stimulate cancer-fighting mechanism, and the nutrients derived from them can help prevent heart diseases while building strong bones and a healthy nervous system. Beta-carotene and other antioxidants found in carrots play a great role in the prevention of cancer and heart diseases.

TOOTH DECAY: When you chew a carrot immediately after a meal,it kills all the armful germs in the mouth. It cleans the teeth, removes the food particles lodged in the crevices and prevents bleeding of the gums and tooth decay.

THREAD WORMS : A small cupful of grated carrot taken every morning, with no other added food to the meal, clears thread worms quickly.


OBESITY : Soya beans is used as a food remedy for eczema and other skin affections. It reduces the inflammatory activities in the skin, and it is free from the tendency to produce allergic reactions or sensitivity that is usually derived from animal protein.


Always ensure that your vegetables are not overcooked. It is best to eat your vegetables as fresh as possible. If you will cook the veggies, make sure they’re not overcooked so you won’t lose the nutrients you ought to get from them.

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