On The Move, Baby!

So I haven’t been online for several weeks now. You know how things can be when your gadgets decide to give you a wide berth without warning, leaving you to keep your own company. Well, I absolutely – without reservations – missed my blogging experience. I missed having to write, first to myself, and the joy in knowing that this little thing I do might do someone else a lot of good. I take pleasure in knowing that I write, not from the obnoxious been there, done that attitude, but from the point where I have been touched myself. But of course, I do share certain first degree personal experiences sometimes. Whatever I share, I share because it rubbed off on me first. So, I’ll be sharing stuffs here every single day for the next one week in hope that it’ll compensate for going MIA on you these past few weeks, particularly on our beautiful series, Inkspire Monday, Wednesday Express and Friday Moment.

Our deepest meaning is never to be taught or found; it is to be caught. A revelation that we need to grab. So then, this brings me to my point.

Get down on it

Things start to make much more sense when we move our paradigms. When we go from being reactive to being proactive. When we move our interests and desires past the realm of favourite past time and we’re able to transit.

Yea baby!

Transition is moving from where we are; from the point of just having some fun doing my thing to the meeting our deepest needs, which really is much more selfless than we’d want to believe. Get your shoes on, it’s about time you did. Hey, this is not a psyche- up, quick fix strategy to make you dance round the basket but a slower, steady move that will spring you up in a upward spiral. It’s like my Indian friends will say –

“Chori chori…chupke chupkee”

But this movement begins when you leave the comfort of entertaining yourself and amusing the few people you’ve got in your circle of concern to impacting your circle of influence. It begins with transformation.

So, tell me,

Are you on the move?

Have you had any particular experience with transformation that has led or is leading to your transition you’d like to share? Kindly leave your comments here in the box or share it with me via email on hopyrane@gmail.com. I’ll be waiting to read from you.


  1. Experienced a paradigm shift earlier this year, regarding myself and others. Quit smoking. Started working out. I wrote more than previously. A different way of seeing things, seeing myself…


    • Wow! I’m so happy to see that. Our miracles happen when we have the courage to see the world through the right lens, and that begins with seeing ourselves differently.


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