Searching For You

I felt your romance. Your caress. That tickling sensation you bring when hit on me. Uhhh! Yesss…you knew how to ignite the fire in my eyes. You knew how bad I wanted to burn. You always helped me. But you have turned your back tonight.

I felt it. The quick scratch on my back just as I laid on the sofa. And my hand moved, searching for the feel of your skin so soft and gentle. But you were nowhere. And there, another touch on my feet.

“Who Dat?” I muttered by the skin of my teeth. But I heard not a word. If you were nowhere here, who was playing the pranks? If you refused to speak, who the hell listened? Who was here to bear my burden tonight?

My heart began to skip the steps, and my chest struggled to keep it from jumping out through my mouth. Oh I wish the earth opened and took me in.

“Who Dat?” I trembled like whimpering baby. Perhaps, mama’s ghost was here to take me to her new abode. She must have watched me clench my fists. It was not time to die. I liked it here!

Good grief! Power was restored. It saved me from all the misery. Now, I was ready to see whuddunit.

Lo, it was a rat. And it was eating the bread I’d dropped on the dining table beside me the day aunt Lydia called and dropped the bombshell, “Boy, your mama died!”

Oh! My better half. You were there afterall. Waiting for me like you always did…on the dining table. How could I ever let you go Dearest? My Nokia Torchlight mobile. My good old companion.

(C) MykelTainment


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