Prayers in Hell

Welcome Fellas!

It’s time for our poem series on Wednesday Express…and you guessed right. We shall be honouring your many requests to feature Michael Bosah again! Michael Bosah is an aspiring poet who is particularly inspired to help the helpless.

So here’s what you have been asking for. Today’s poem is titled Prayers in Hell.


Prayers in Hell

I’m lost in thought
About feelings that terminate appointment of
My heart and soul
Of how my tears had become a daily flow from my eyes
I searched between doors, nooks, windows and crannies
for help buh no being was smiling to call my heart in place
This journey called life never told me she could betray me
Her fainted smile sent me into gullible state
I should have trusted her tears
My heart is a vase
planted in it are weeds meant to destroy the vase
My soul is a vehicle and the driver is a drunkard
I’m absolutely lost in paradise
Where my future is being caressed and raped daily
Look west,
No, look North she said
Try raising up your head and count your brain cells
Tell me,
How do you live
Walking on carcass, thorns and undying emotions
That set you ablaze
Of what memories do you live on
O ye creature!
Tell me your dreams and nightmares
Thou offspring
Never brighten up your cheeks
With filthy smiles
Your prayers are what I need
Till i perish six feet
Under the duvet of Mother Earth.





Let’s do this together! I would like hear from you. To feature in Wednesday Express, please send your short stories, poems, or articles to


It is Wednesday Express


Roll it!

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