video How Do You Matter?

Hello, It’s the Friday Moment!
Yes. We just thought we might do something a little different today since we’ve been writing and writing on Friday Moments and we thought – fine – let’s do a video. Let’s do something different…like a little tweak in the story.
So, today on Friday Moment we’ll be talking about you…yes, you! What is it about you? What makes you you? What is that thing that makes you different from every other person in the world?
So the thing is, it’s all about your values. It’s all about how you project yourself. How you see yourself depends on how you actually project yourself…yes. As a writer, as a soloist, as an artist, as whatever you want to become in this life, the most important thing is, how do you see yourself? That’s just the ultimate thing. It’s about your belief system.

See the future even before it projects itself. Yes, because when you’re filled with stars you just go there. You just explode and do your thing and you’ll be fine. And it doesn’t matter what challenges you have as long as you have that thing inside you and you believe in you, and what your vision or your mission is. Then you will not have a problem….

All the problems or all the challenges you might face would fizzle out with time because you believe in yourself. So, I’ll implore everyone to believe in you because you are the best version of yourself. And then, it takes time, it takes work, it takes practice to be able to get there.

So, it’s Friday Moment
Roll it!

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