A Breathe of Fresh Air

Lola gave a shriek of delight as she checked in the last of her luggages. Folks said she had it all but well, her loving hubby and two lovely daughters weren’t exactly all that mattered to her. She wondered why everybody chose to look in the same direction. It was all about the drama…about how things looked on the outside. Noone cared about the things that happened behind the closed doors. It didn’t matter if she had dreams and aspirations. What did it matter? To the world, she was just another pieces in the puzzle. Now, there was a silver lining in the cloud. She was leaving for Australia, her daughters with her.

“I don’t know why I feel I’ll never see you again” her husband, Ademide had said some minutes ago.

“Of course, you will,” she beamed. He was right afterall, she still couldn’t she was free at last. She was free of the humiliation of bumping into some of his mistresses. Of all the beatings and the sacrs he gave her. Now she didn’t have to pretend as if she was on top of the world when she in reality, she was at the bottom of it. Most of all, she’d be never have to see her helpless little girls weep for her. Now she was leaving, her daughters with her. 

Ademide was one of a kind. He was rich and handsome. And things didn’t start out as the war zone her marriage had been. He was a man who knew just how to make a woman fall. Even after things went down the spiral lane, he never stopped spoiling her with expensive gifts. He played his game so well that people thought she was crazy when she tried to reveal his true identity…the bastard.

“Here, mum…” said her eldest daughter as they fastened their seatbelts. Solabomi was only twelve but the things she saw have increased the days in her years.

“A breathe of fresh air”


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