On The London Bridge Attacks

There has been three attacks on London in the space of three months, the most recent incident took place yesterday morning at the London bridge. A van hit some pedestrians. And then, three attackers emerged from the vehicle and started stabbing people who were enjoying their night out at resturants and bars in the immediate vicinity. London Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick, confirmed 7 people dead in the recent attack and about 48 people are currently receiving treatments at five hospitals across London.
I agree with Washington Post, that the attack in March, where a driver killed four people walking the bridge across the Thames river is similar to this most recent attack. But Prime Minister Theresa May said that these attacks are not connected, that we only just have a new trend of terrorists. According to the Prime Minister, it appears that “the attackers are copying one another, and often using the crudest means of  attacks.” The London Metropolitan Police are on it though. Three of the attackers were fatally shot within 8 minutes of the first emergency call.
If your folks have been affected in those attacks, there’s comfort in knowing that the government has a strong resolve to leave no stones unturned. There are many people like me around the world who don’t live in the United Kingdom but they have loved ones who do. Besides, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re in London or Turkey or Siberia, there’s no place that is immune to terrorism. It is important to imbibe some personal security culture. We all need to stay safe; to be quick to report strange incidents and take the initiative to move away from danger without panic. And we need, as much as we possibly can, to watch and pray.
It is Inkspire Monday
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