These 3 Denim Jeans Have Been Trending On Pinterest Since Last Year

Let’s face it, nothing can earn it’s keep in your wardrobe like the wonderful travelers’ companion of all times — a  good pair of jeans! Don’t you just love to rock them anyhow? You can dress ’em up or down, go from sexy to grungy and everything in between. But y’know, finding the perfect pair is not as simple as it seems. We’re glad that Pinterest compiled a list of the best denim silhouettes for Spring 2017 to make it easy, according to pinners have been sharing. So, if you’re thinking of stuffing your wardrobe soon, these are three remarkable styles to look out for.

Two-tone denim


This style has gained the most popularity on Pinterest, trending up to 381 percent since last year.

Mom jeans


People are still loving this unique high-waisted style that makes your butt look amazing with whatever you wear on top. It’s been trending all the way to 227 percent on the site.

Cropped Flare jeans


This is another interesting style that has been trending from year to year, up to 190.
Just checking out these amazing styles has got me thinking of some other accesories to go with them. I can imagine that the feeling is mutual.

It is #TheFridayMoment
Let’s roll!


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