THE WORLD IN GREEN #WednesdayExpress

JjdWbOCTlemWMuvC0BeF_DSC_0867edit.jpgWelcome fellas!

Its time for our #shortstory series on #WednesdayExpress. Our last story was a great one despite the cliche and a few articles that aren’t necessary. This is proof that great writing begins from the heart. It doesn’t matter how poor your writing skills are, what matters is your ability to pour out your heart and your love for it. You will get better with lots of practice, and learning from others. You can’t have creativity shine through you if you don’t believe in yourself and in what you do. Every time we create something and share it, we’re the new kid.
Our #storyoftheday is a unique one that begins with a simple poem. Perhaps you’ve imagined what it’d be like to view the world in green.

Here we go!



The longer the days of rain,
The more of sun we crave,
Oh radiant sun, look on us with grace,
That we be green with every trace.


The heart of the sky was heavy again. Brilliant light blue had turned grey; wiped now and then with long, tiny shreads of light, she just might wail soon like a helpless little baby. The wind tossed back and forth, knocking little Debbie off balance. Trees, leaves, grasses…and flowers danced with merry to the rhythm of the wind’s meticulous beats. Richety old Grandmother lived with little Debbie in a her little bungalow and she kept her little garden at the back. Her garden was home enough for us. There were flowers, vegetables, and trees — okay  — two trees; Mama Banana and Papa Papaya. Even little Debbie loved to play in our beautiful home.
“Oh dear,” said Grandmother, as she helped little Debbie get on her feet. “Come on in before you get hurt.”
We watched as Grandmother and her little Debbie tottered towards the back door of their little bungalow. Alas, the sky began to weep. Grandmother fumbled with the door. Little Debbie began to cry too as the sky stoned them with her tears.
The door opened at last, and they entered the house clicked the door shut.
“Hahahahahahaha!” Mr. Lavender bursted out.
“Why are you laughing, Lav?” Touch-Me-Not asked, “Anything funny?”
“Sure, there is,” Lavender beamed, “Humans are funny creatures.”
“Let them hear you!”
“Well,” Miss Pride of Barbadoes put in, “they just can’t.”
“Hahahahahahaha” Lady Hibiscus joined.
“Being old. Being a child. Just the same thing!” Lavender blurted out.
“…but they differ in size,” Touch-Me-Not offered.
Hibiscus nodded in agreement, “That alone.”
“But of course,” I added, “They claim to love the rain and they find shelther when it comes.”
And we all bursted laughed, except for Lady Touchie of course. She was like many human I have seen.
“Oh come on, Little Spinach.” Touch-Me-Not defended again, “It makes the sick.”
“Puleeezee!” Lady Rose drawled, “Like the sun scorches my delicate skin.”
“Oh Touchie, we’re not talking OCD here.” Pride of Barbadoes teased
“Shut up, you.” Touch-Me-Not retorted. She was getting angry again.
Our laughter at Grandmother’s garden chorused in unity and blended as the sky wailed. She always shed her tears with pleasure, glad to be relieved of the huge burden she bore. The wind increased the volume of his majestic music and we just swayed along.
Humans always thought that life began and ended with them, but of course, they couldn’t be more wrong. Life is stocked with the beauty of balance. One tangible, the other…not so tangible. But of course, the not so tangible were more tangible than the tangible. There was light and darkness; matter and anti-matter. There was good and bad; blessings and curses…amognst other things.

But of course, there were men and the others.



It is #WednesdayExpress


Let’s roll!


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