Summertime: What’s on Your Mind?

FB_IMG_1478544393015.jpgStyle is a lot more than what you wear, it is about how you wear it. That holds true for writing also, and cooking, traveling and every other art there is. If you’re a savvy traveler, you can transform a seemingly ordinary trip to an unforgetable experience. And it most likely won’t cost you a arm and leg.

Summer is fast approaching. You must be thinking about choosing a good destination for the holiday. Perhaps you want to satisfy your wanderlust for adventure in the ritziest desert oasis in America. Perhaps, you’re thinking of going to popular beach towns along the Florida Panhhandle like Pensacola and Destin, and bury yourself in the scalding sand. Maybe you just want to chill out with loved ones and view the beautiful cities together.

But USA for now, is out of it – yeah, kinda – because of the policies that are springing up with the new government. I actually think it is crazy that folks might have to be forced to submit their social media usernames and passwords for evaluation simply because they want to have some fun with their loved ones in America is just crazy. I just keep asking myself, “If you have to study my social media accounts to access me, how accurate will these information you’re looking to get be?” But that’s a topic for another day, right?

From where I’m from, there’s no summer. We’re so graced by the opulence of the sun that almost everyday feels like summer already. But folks still like to enjoy the fun with the rest of the world. And that’s just cool.



So, how is it gonna be this summer?


There are plenty of options. Our world is full of beautiful places.

timthumb.jpgIf all you want is a getaway, you might just consider traveling within your country. There’s certainly someplace in the country that you have never been. It might even surprise to know that other nations pay a fortune to visit those places. And you will be amazed at the fascinating sights that await you. You might even get to appreciate the culture of your fellow countrymen that are quite different from yours. However, if your desire is to go abroad, you don’t have to fret. There are plenty of options. Here – a few suggestions that will pique your interest:



no1-kohsamui.jpgJoin the amazing Thailand Experience Program 2017. It is a great way for travelers to explore the best sights in Bangkok, experience the fun night life and watch the countryside roll by as you journey to the Elephant Capital in Surin. You can visit to apply now.



Festival1This is another cool place to be. There are great festivals to look out for. You don’t wanna miss the amorous Ruhr-in-love 2017, or the Southside Festival in Neuhausen Ob Eck, amongst others. The food is great and there are lots of beautiful places to see. What’s more? You could even step into a fairytale at Neuschwanstein Castle.


292138_378960255472880_1670747457_n.jpgThe weather is warming up in Ireland already and she’s been dreaming of festivals for quite some time. If you want to go to a festival every single weekend this summer, Ireland has got you covered with the best of music festivals taking over the coming months. You can be sure that there’s something for everyone with everything from electronic music to bluegrass, live art to music festivals, Ireland escapes to woodland getaways.


The essence of enjoying summer holiday is to spend some time to relax and unwind. So, whatever you have in mind this summer, don’t forget to have fun.



It is #TheFridayMoment


Let’s roll it!

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